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Supporting Our Shift Into Fall

I'm looking over my shoulder, and there goes Summer...

Have you thought about how you will be welcoming the Fall Equinox or Autumn season? We are arriving there this Thursday, September 22nd.

I love this quote, "Autumn has caught us in our summer wear."–Philip Larkin, British poet.

I know I want to extend Summer as long as I can, but now I can't help but notice the subtle changes in the leaves, the smells in the air have changed, it's become mushroom season as I hike my usual path and the temperatures are beginning to cool.

To not get "caught in our summer wear", is a calling for us to begin a gentle transition. We are elemental beings. We naturally begin to surrender to the seasonal changes around us. I slowly begin to transition from cooling foods like salads and fruits to warming cozy foods. I particularly love my cup of warm lemon water or ginger tea in the morning to warm my body and prepare my digestive system for the day. This is also a perfect time to warm up with herbal teas and eat cozy meals. We are entering a time to bring our awareness to our immune system; a time to strengthen, tend to our bodies and protect our nervous system through nourishment and plant medicine.

Our lives have transitioned into busy mode. Stress may increase due to our busy lifestyles. Therefore, supporting our immune system and nervous system is on my self care radar. To support myself I begin to add an Ashwaganda supplement and Tumeric to my diet to support my nervous system, fight off stress, fatigue and lack of energy that can happen with seasonal shifts. In other words, adding adaptogens or stress fighting foods to help boost our systems as we journey towards winter.

"Adaptogens are plants and herbs that help the body overcome a wide range of stresses caused by physical, emotional, mental, or environmental stressors; adaptogens help restore balance, increase stamina so the body can function at their optimal levels. Simply put, these herbal plants help our bodies adapt to numerous stresses and strains that life throws at us. Adaptogen plants have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic, an ancient medical system from India and Chinese medicine to reduce stress, enhance strength, stamina, and vitality." Source:

How can your yoga practice transition the season with you? Welcome your practice with grounding gentle yoga. Restorative, Yin or Yoga Nidra and meditation practices can help support your body by reducing stress, strengthening your immune system and bringing you back to your physical, emotional and spiritual homeostasis or balance. In addition, a wonderful self care practice to add to your daily or weekly routine can be an Ayurvedic or warm oil massage. Not only does it nourish your skin, but it also stimulates the body into relaxation to destress.

These are just a few suggestions in how we can help shift into the Autumn season and support ourselves through winter. It's a perfect time to reflect and feel what you can let go of to create more space for yourself; a time to bring in more rest, enjoy long walks in nature, visit introspection or reflection, maybe journal or cozy up to a book with a warm cup of apple ginger tea or apple cider.

Let's cozy up tomorrow at the PCS&M chapel for Yoga with Ana. To attend, please register here or join us on Instagram @pcsmchurch to practice with us.

Wishing you all a happy fall season.

Love and blessings,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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