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Our Bodies Move Like Ripples of Water

There’s something beautiful about associating the movement of the human body with ripples of water.

Take a moment to think about ripples and how they continuously move. It is very similar to how we move our bodies in a yoga class. Ripples move in sequence, one after the other, wave after wave or ripple after ripple, very much akin to a sequence of movement through yoga postures.

What is a yoga sequence?

A yoga sequence is a series of postures placed together in a particular order to create a yoga practice with a goal in mind. This goal can be a focus on a particular outcome or logical flow to achieve and target particular parts of the body or the body as a whole. Most of the time you will notice that particular sequences of poses are practiced regularly in classes, repeatedly.

Every week we meet in class, we move through a particular series of postures to achieve the goals of our body, mind and spirit. If you participate in my classes, you may be familiar with some of the poses like Mountain pose (Tadasana), Chair pose (Utkatasana), and Warrior I (Virabradasana I), to mention three postures or asanas, in sequence. In Chair yoga, you may be familiar with Chair Mountain Pose, Seated Forward Fold, and Seated Half Lift. Whether we practice these postures seated or standing, we have experienced these sequence of postures together.

I am very excited to begin breaking down these sequences, one posture at a time to learn the benefits of each posture individually and how it affects our body, mind and spirit. Below I share the illustrations to the three posture sequences I mentioned above.

I’m looking forward to our chair yoga practice next week. May your week be filled with kind thoughts, kind words and lovejoy.

In gratitude,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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