Let’s Welcome a Special Guest

We love yoga.

When it comes to Western Yoga there are many types of different practices and styles to suit our individual needs. Yoga has become much more accessible to everyone and everyBODY.

But just as accessible yoga is available to everyone, it is important to tend to our individual needs. Honoring our body and its personal journey is one of the best ways to support our self care journeys. Providing support to our clients and students begins by meeting them right where they are on their personal journey.

I am honored to introduce a very passionate yoga teacher and friend, Sabine Drescher. I had the pleasure of meeting Sabine a few years ago through Whitman Wellness Center in Whitman, MA.

I took her Yoga for Oncology workshop recently and was fascinated by the incredible information she shared about the importance of yoga for cancer patients and survivors. Since then, I apply many of her teachings into my classes.

Here is our interview where she shares her story.