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Have You Asked Yourself, What It Is You Need Today?

Namaste, PCS&M Tribe,

I have to admit, this is a question I can ask myself more often. If you have never asked this question, take a moment to reflect on the inner inquiry. What you say to yourself vs. what you hear, may surprise you.

Ask yourself “What is it you need today?” any time and provide yourself the answer. Another way to experience the question is a deep inner inquiry. I invite you to take a moment and sit with this question in stillness. Bring your awareness to your breath. Maybe taking the opportunity to sit for five minutes. The answer you may hear may be a completely different answer. Notice the difference between asking yourself that question in a way you provide a quick answer versus sitting with the inquiry in meditation. The difference is, when we sit in stillness, our soul speaks. Let’s listen.

While we’re going about our day, we are constantly in our thinking mind. We can’t help it, it’s in our nature. But when you listen, what you hear may result in a different answer because of how you are posing the question. I am not suggesting there is a right or wrong way to experience the question. But there is a difference between tapping into your thinking mind versus accessing your inner wisdom. Two different and valuable experiences.

I am all about creating new patterns and breaking old ones that no longer serve. If you want to create a new pattern, here is an opportunity to create a shift while raising your vibration.

Did you know it takes 21 days of consistency to create a new pattern? Ask yourself “What it is you need today” in whichever way you want to experience it for 21 days. I invite you to pose this question and maybe jot down your answer every day. See what happens! Maybe you will notice a shift happen. Because shift happens!

Stay curious and without judgment.

I have asked this question at the beginning of yoga classes before and will ask again when you join me this and every Wednesday, at 1:30p for another Self Care Chair Yoga practice at the PCS&M Chapel.

From the light in my heart, to yours,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula


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