Ground Control to Major Tom

Namaste PCS&M souls,

You often hear me say, at the beginning of a practice, "let's ground in". Have you ever wondered what that really means?

Have you at any time noticed how busy your mind is when we begin a yoga practice? You might feel fidgety and feel like you can't be still, sound or feel familiar?

Grounding in allows us to root ourselves, connecting us to the element Earth. We may not even notice we are hanging out or "floating" in the element of Ether. We are so interconnected with nature and the elements, that we also carry elemental traits within us.

What are the elements again? The ever-knowing Google tells us there are 12 elements we are surrounded by. But coming from a Yoga and Ayurvedic perspective, I will only be referencing five elements to illustrate grounding. These five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. Ayurveda is the science sister to Yoga. It aims to bring us into balance with the five elements that we are made up of and surrounded by (the internal and external).