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Ground Control to Major Tom

Namaste PCS&M souls,

You often hear me say, at the beginning of a practice, "let's ground in". Have you ever wondered what that really means?

Have you at any time noticed how busy your mind is when we begin a yoga practice? You might feel fidgety and feel like you can't be still, sound or feel familiar?

Grounding in allows us to root ourselves, connecting us to the element Earth. We may not even notice we are hanging out or "floating" in the element of Ether. We are so interconnected with nature and the elements, that we also carry elemental traits within us.

What are the elements again? The ever-knowing Google tells us there are 12 elements we are surrounded by. But coming from a Yoga and Ayurvedic perspective, I will only be referencing five elements to illustrate grounding. These five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. Ayurveda is the science sister to Yoga. It aims to bring us into balance with the five elements that we are made up of and surrounded by (the internal and external).

Earth and Ether

When it comes to grounding, Earth is where we go to connect and root in. Earth is grounding, calming and nourishing.

On the opposite of the spectrum, is Ether. The container of all elements from where they originate and where they return. We can't exist without these elements working together.

Life often happens, and disconnect to ourselves also happens. An example of how we can associate our behavior and emotions within an imbalance of Ether is a disconnected feeling to ourselves. We are constantly in our heads, thinking of what's coming next, what's next on that list to check off. This is where Yoga comes in as your "Ground Control", empowering you. The action of grounding your sits bones and the souls of the feet brings us back down from that place of Ether. Once the energy begins to balance, we can begin to work with the energy of the Earth and Ether surrounding us. Grounding in, calms the mind and creates a doorway to receive what we are meant to receive from the energy around us, the universe or what God may intend. But the only way to access the doorway into this "right of passage" realm, is by being present, bringing awareness to your physical body and connecting to your breath.

It's truly a beautiful thing to observe students come to this place. I call it a gift of empowerment. Because as you continue to develop the awarenesses of your being, you can bring yourself to this place of groundedness, whenever you feel you need it, empowering yourself, especially around chaotic times.

I'm looking forward to supporting your yoga journey from Yoga 'Ground Control" to a practice of earth connectedness, calm, and nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

Join me for a grounding Chair Yoga practice at the PCS&M Chapel, Wednesday at 1:30pm.

With love and gratitude,


Resident Yoga Teacher and Self Care Doula

Enjoy the inspiration...


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