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People's Congregation of Shakers & Movers

Integration. Hope. Connection.

A Federally Recognized 501(c)3 Benevolent Charity

PCS&M Soul Cast
Your donations support our podcast and workshops on YouTube & Instagram

Holistic Wellbeing, Breath Work, Intuitive Practices, Manifesting,
Herbalism, Guided Meditations & MORE

Your donations support our free community classes to make healing accessible to every-body.
Catch the vibe on YouTube!

Holistic well-being, BreathWork, gentle yoga,
self-care, and opportunities for connection. Guided Meditations & SO MUCH MORE

Tuesdays 11am  
Exhilaration Breathwork
with Matt Thomson
63 Washington St Weymouth Landing
Sign up to connect and breathe with us.

Learn the importance of
breath awareness for increased endurance, self-compassion, and to call joy & love into your life. Change begins within.

Wednesdays 1 pm-
Yoga & Exploring Self Care with Ana, The Self Care Doula. Arrive 63 Washington St Weymouth by 12:45
Streamed Live on YouTube
and Facebook.

Our mid-week reset! Sharing the benefits of yoga, with mindful movement, simple breathwork &tools for integration. Including self-care and meditation practices.

Friday - Integrated Recovery Practices Support Group 7pm
meeting every Friday for those struggling with addiction or disconnection. We explore Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation and more! 

Arrive between
Bring a friend and hold space for one another. We explore what it means to heal in community. Come as you are. 

Soul Saturday is our weekly community Service where we bring a DJ or Master of Ceremonies up to the altar to bring us in to the flow.
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Our congregations Gathers to Raise the Vibration through community, art, dance, music, and sharing the abundance of life. All beliefs are welcome, just bring positive vibes. 



Your Donations Contribute to our Community Services and Education

  • Development of scholarship programs for supporting natural birth, doula training

  • Healing Retreat Centers & Instructor Scholarship Programs and Reimbursement

  • Support Groups & Networking for those who have chronic pain and people in recovery

  • Community classes for caregiver fatigue and self-reliance

  • Pop Up and Private sessions for astrology, yoga, and breath work

  • Wellness Seminars and social networking 

Media Production


  • Resources to broadcast on our platforms  sharing music, poetry, workshops, and classes recorded at one of our chapels and abroad

  • Educational Events, Radio, and Television, Private and Public

  • Mentorship and personal development


In support
of Natural Birth

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.....

WE have to be willing to challenge because we are in desperate need of change."
― Carl Sagan



Support Our Church

View from the founding Tiny Chapel @ Camp CBGB

 EST 2016 Waterboro, Maine

Our mission is to create spaces for healing,

community, dance, worship, and ceremony. We honor activities that produce positive outcomes for mother nature, raise the vibration and share knowledge of earth based remedies and healing modalities. 

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