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High Commandments

Statement of Faith

Holy Sacrament

It is our mission to share knowledge of plant & energy medicine, herbal remedies, farming, hemp, building, fire cooking, and sustainability. 

Our Creed

We worship the everyday miracle that plants turn dirt, water, light, and air into energy which sustains all life with food, shelter, and medicine. 


We believe in miracles and the power of the mind to shift awareness through self-reliance and abundance to help raise the vibration. 

High Commandments

1. To speak truthfully of people and treat others with dignity and respect.


2.To believe in the divine interworkings of the universe.  


3.To be all-inclusive to all views, statements of faith, races, and tribes.


4.To work as a community and reflect our readiness to receive more from the universe with gratitude.


5.To give back freely to the sick, dying, and anyone in need of support with herbal remedies created by the members.


6.To believe in the collective power of positive manifesting and miracles.


7.To focus all energy toward what we want and not what we do not want. 


8.To tap into the source for inspiration and positivity and utilize plant sacraments to bring us closer to the collective consciousness. 

9.To encourage all to live and speak their truths to achieve their desires.

10.Above all else, to set Intentions to match the vibration of love.

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